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    John Legend Almost Car Jacked, Would-Be-Thief Arrested

    John Legend nearly became the latest celebrity victim of grand theft auto. The singer was in his studio when a nefarious character attempted to steal his Porsche. TMZ reports, security alerted the LAPD about suspicious activity at the recording studio during the afternoon on November 21. Legend was not alerted during the incident.

    While waiting for the police to arrive, security confronted the suspect, who was now inside of Legend’s vehicle and seated on the driver’s side. The man was allegedly attempting to start the car, and he said that he was the owner of the Porsche before exiting and walking away from security. Once the police did arrive, a chase ensued. The suspect was eventually detained and charged with a felony, attempted grand theft auto. His bail is set at $85,000.

    Legend is not the first successful entertainer to be targeted by criminals. It is very likely the suspect had been hopeful that a musician would carelessly leave an expensive vehicle running or with the keys easily accessible. Legend seems to know exactly how to beat the crooks, and he must not let his keys out of his sight!

    His good judgement has benefited him greatly. It is estimated that Legend is worth an upwards of $100 million. This year alone, Legend released his eighth studio album shortly after his wife, Chrissy Teigen, announced she is pregnant with their third child!



    1. $85,000= bail for attempted grand theft auto (California).
      Compared to (states with lighter sentencing for sexual assault)= bail ranging between $25,000 to $50,000.
      Seems out of whack to me.

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