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    Joe Budden Tells Former Podcast Co-Host Mal He Hasn’t Stolen Any Money

    Joe Budden has upset a lot of people in his career, including his former co-host Mal. Specifically, Mal and Budden haven’t been on speaking terms ever since he and Rory were fired from The Joe Budden Podcast in 2021. 

    Afterwards, both Rory and Mal launched their own podcast later that same summer. Furthermore, things between Budden and Mal have been quiet for the most part. Recently, though, drama ensued between the two after Mal accused the former rapper of stealing money from him. Of course, Budden has assured his former co-host that “he has nothing for him to steal.” 

    Mal Accuses Joe Budden Of Stealing Money From Him

    It goes without saying that if you borrow money from someone, it’s best to pay them back. However, in Mal and Joe Budden’s case, they should never loan each other money. Recently, tensions rose after Mal accused the former rapper of stealing money from him. The conversation started on a recent segment of his podcast New Rory and Mal, where they sat down with Atlanta rapper CyHi the Prynce. Furthermore, Mal and the Atlanta rapper discussed their separate relationships with Joe Budden. 

    Near the conclusion of the conversation, CyHi referenced an old comment Budden made about rapping better than him. Things got heated when the two started taking jabs at Budden. “Any day you feel like you can rap better than me … I put my offer on the table and you rich enough to accept it but you ain’t accepted it,” CyHi said to the camera. 

    Of course, Mal offered his two cents on the matter and noted that the rapper stole money from him. Sounds like the two have some unfinished business. 

    Joe Budden Isn’t Here For The Drama

    Joe Budden got wind of the comment Mal made and offered a candid response to his accusation. During a recent episode on The Joe Budden Podcast, the former rapper fought back with “he has nothing for me to steal.” Furthermore, Budden went on to say that Mal has created a web of lies. Looks like these two will be fighting for a long time.  



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