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    Joe Budden Hoeboy Ass Shredded By Nicki Minaj

    And the gloves came all the way off, as Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden sat down for an interview.

    Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden had some aggressive words for one another during the latest episode of Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio show. Joe Budden, Rory and Mal came to chat with the female rapper, but things didn’t go as PG-13 as any of them probably would have hoped. But knowing Nicki, she was probably waiting for the opportunity to turn up on Joe for a long time. Overall Joe Budden hoeboy ass was shredded by Queen Nicki

    During the episode, Nicki and Joe Budden addressed three very important things. They had talks about the so-called “Hot Girl Summer” track that has every girl twisting their neck and popping their gums, as well as the beef with Cardi B over “Motorsport,” and drug use.

    The interview kicked off with things getting juicy. Nicki accused Joe and DJ Akademiks of pinning her and Cardi B against each other, via HNHH. Allegedly, Joe lied about Nicki not knowing that Cardi had a verse on the record “Motorsport,” when in fact Nicki claims she always knew who would be involved in the song.

    “Again, that is implying I am lying when I sat and said exactly how the song came about. I was asked — and I still have the text messages — can this person be put on this song and my response was, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ That was my response. You still went and said … y’all went and told the world Nicki Minaj is lying.”

    Nicki Minaj is a lot of things, but she makes it clear she isn’t a liar. They then addressed the topic of drugs. Joe swears that Nicki use to be addicted to pills.

    “Don’t say you ain’t never popped a pill.”

    Nicki took a lot of offense to that, but she never denied it. She did, however, ask for Joe’s mic to be turned off.

    “I never said that you dumb fuck! Cut his fucking mic since you wanna be dumb!”

    Joe and Nicki eventually made up before the end of the interview, almost like a big bro Lil sis type of relationship. However, you can sense Nicki still has a grudge against the rapper turned podcaster.

    As for “Hot Girl Summer,” Nicki is happy to be on a track with her new friend Megan.

    Thoughts? How do you feel about Joe Budden hoeboy ass ? Let us know by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

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