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    Jiwanta is Paving his Own Path in the Hip Hop Music Scene

    Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, Jiwanta immigrated to the United States in early 2006 and got attached to rap music from the very start. Little did he know that twelve years later, rap music would be such a huge part of his life. In 2018 Jiwanta began to make music himself.

    He started to make beats on his laptop and then would go back and write lyrics for his beats, handcrafting the songs to his preferred sound. Over the last three years, Jiwanta has put in hours upon hours in the studio working on music and perfecting his craft as a whole, and it’s finally starting to pay off for him.

    2020 was a huge year of growth for the young artist and has set him up perfectly for the new year. Dropping a handful of singles such as “Mask On,” “Side Effects,” and “Foreign Stick” has put Jiwanta’s talents on display for the hip hop world to see. Each song hits on a different subject, but all follow Jiwanta’s trap-inspired delivery.

    Jiwanta says, “I want to inspire other kids to do what they want to do and follow their dreams. You got one chance at life make sure you don’t have any regrets later on, cause then it’ll be too late. You don’t want to be in your 70s and 80s thinking back on how you should’ve done this or how you should’ve done that. Just go do it.” He uses his music as a medium to inspire others.

    In the rap industry, there’s no telling how far this young artist could go. With a handful of hits, a strong work ethic, a clear love for his fans, and a desire to inspire others, Jiwanta will, without a doubt, soar to the top of the industry. Keep an eye out for the young artist as he paves his own path to success.

    Follow Jiwanta on Instagram here and stream his music on Spotify here.


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