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    Jhene Aiko Stops Using N-Word To Respect Ancestors

    Rap music is unapologetic in its lyricism and content. The music genre’s excessive use of derogatory words has been long debated for years. The N-word, unfortunately, remains one of the most common words found in rap songs. The word has lived through several lifetimes; once deemed a discriminatory term, then an affectionate phrase amongst African Americans and now a pop culture phenomenal. Fortunately, some Hip-Hop artist have reframed from using the word altogether, such as R&B singer Jhene Aiko.

                Aiko Shows Respect To Her Ancestors

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    There’s much speculation surrounding Jhene Aiko’s ethnicity. The 32-year-old single mother has addressed her struggles with growing up biracial. After some much needed self-reflection, the R&B singer has made a few changes in her life, especially her music. On Sunday night, the “Born Tired” singer took to Twitter to reveal she’ll no longer use the N-word in her songs.

    The statement was prompted by a detailed discussion on her ethnicity, whereas Aiko shared she is “25% Asian, 33% African and 34% European.” The singer considers herself less than half-black and white, and barely Asian at all. Her DNA tests ultimately led the singer to reframe from using the derogatory term in her music. Aiko further explained over social media that the word makes her peers and fans “uncomfortable.” More importantly, Aiko wishes to show more respect to her ancestors who suffered years of oppression and discrimination at the hands of the word.

                Aiko Asks Fans To Treat As A Human, Not A Race

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    In closing remarks, Jhene Aiko asks fans to not judge her by ethnicity, but as a human being. “Ok now im done explaining, promise i am human and i see you all as family regardless of how u view me,” the 32-year-old tweeted. Like all people, the R&B singer deserves a sense of acceptance and equal treatment. People shouldn’t judge her based on race, but as a person. Jhene Aiko’s decision to take the N-word out of her lyrical vocabulary shows real progress is being made in the Hip-Hop community. Hopefully more rappers will follow suite.

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