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    Jhene Aiko States Her Ex-Husband “Cheated First” Via Twitter

    Jhene Aiko has been under fire for quite some time now since her album with Big Sean recently dropped titled Twenty 88. The married Aiko then allegedly decided to break her vows and date Big Sean. Who knows what the two happened to get themselves into. Instantly, social media and television broke the news of the duo’s “messing” with one another.

    People jumped to conclusions stating that Aiko “cheated” on her husband recklessly. However, there was more to the story as to why she might have. Taking to twitter to clear the air on many rumored questions and speculations, Aiko makes it known that her marriage wasn’t a healthy one. She didn’t seem apologetic or remorseful, clarifying why she “did” what she did.

    It then became apparent to the world that her “cheating” wasn’t just a rumor anymore. It’s the truth. Do you agree with her reasoning? Or do you think she should have went about it in a different way?

    Her tweets are below.


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