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    Jhay Cortez vs. Rauw Alejandro: A Look Into A Short Lived Feud

    Diss tracks have always been around the 1980s especially becoming prominent in the hip-hop genre. The first known feud was the Roxanne Wars. Beginning in 1984 with Marly Marl and Roxanne Shanté released a song called ‘Roxanne’s Revenge’ a diss directed at the trio U.T.F.O. And for the artist of today it became normality to diss others in their music, especially when it comes to the Latin music industry. Back in 2017 Puerto Rican rappers Tempo and Residente entered a hefty feud between each other. But it didn’t last long enough when Residente dropped the second part of his diss ‘La Catedra’. But as for now in present-day Rauw Alejandro dropped his diss track against colleague Jhay Cortez.

    Calling him out for a verse done in Ankhal’s “Si Pepe” remix were both rappers participated in. Here Jhay Cortez threw some jabs at Rauw. Comparing his dance moves to that of a cockroach.

    If you’re good at dancing, I’ll make you breakdance like a cockroach
    You’re not street, on this track you’re a fake”

    Cortez also mentions Alejandro’s current girlfriend referring her to his “Spanish girlfriend”. A few weeks for by and Rauw Alejandro goes on social media speaks about finding his number #1 fan. Reffering to Jhay Cortez.

    In addition, he mentioned that Jhay should do a collab album with him so that at least 3 of the songs reach the charts. Stating With Rauw !!! so that you reach the Top 3 at least.”

    Fast-forward to the night before Christmas Eve, Rauw announced he’ll drop his diss track at 6 p.m ET. When the time came the song did not drop so Cortes went to Twitter to rant about it.

    “What are you waiting for? For YouTube to approve the campaign so that you can say you made five million views?”

    Soon after the disstrack ‘Hunter’ was released and with it came a music video as well.

    In the video, Rauw mentions that Jhay’s tour is not selling out, and the fact that his most viral verse on “911” was written by another artist called Mora. As well Rauw compares his relationship with Rosalia to that of Beyonce and Jay-Z, claiming: “Where we sing, nobody knows you”.

    Jhay Cortez Response

    Moreover, in retaliation Jhay released his part of the diss. Being 7 minutes long, it’s only an audio of it, nothing too elaborate. It’s titled “Enterrauw”. Using a play on words with Rauw’s name and the Spanish word for buried, “enterrado”.

    One of the most notable things mentioned in the Cortez diss was the lyric “You say ‘respect women’, but support ‘the abuser of Chris Brown, you bastard.”

    “Tú dice’ respetar las mujere’, pero apoya’ al abusador de Chris Brown, cabrón”.

    Mentioning that Rauw not only supports Chris Brown he also collaborated on a song with him, called ‘Nostálgico’.

    Then on Twitter, Jhay posted a picture of a death certificate having Rauw’s name printed on it.

    The feud still continues and many artists of the genre are advocating to finish this “tiraera” or diss because it makes more harm than anything and it’s not worth it in the end. But who do you think won in the diss tracks?


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