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    Jetsonmade, DaBaby’s Producer Chose J. Cole

    Jetsonmade Personally Chose J.Cole

    Jetsonmade, best known as DaBaby’s producer, stands as one of  the most sought-after producers to date. Both Rihanna and J. Cole wanted to get in the studio with him. Ultimately, Jetsonmade chose his fellow Carolina bredren.

    “Bruh, I was really supposed to go work with Rihanna,” he said. “Swear to god, I skipped out on that shit to go work with Cole. Shout out to Rihanna though, I hope we can get in there. It was more personal bruh, Cole reached out to me personally. Like come on, I’m at this man house, like fuck that, I’m going with this n-gga.”

    Notable Acts

    The South Carolina bred producer has collaborated with a number of big name artists besides Da Baby and J. Cole. These artists include 21 Savage, Roddy Rich, Jack Harlow, Quando Rondo, among other chart topping artists. 

    Working With Artists

    During an interview with The Fader, Jetsonmade opens up about his experience working with different artists.

    “I go into every situation with Jetsonmade type beats,” he said. “I don’t switch it up because that’ll burn me out, you know? I mean my brain. Of course, I’m playing different styles, but I’m not gonna go and play some off-the-wall shit. I like to stand out with the music I make with people. I don’t go into any situation trying to make what’s cool. The way for me to get around [that] is to go in with Jetsonmade type beats. That’s how we come.”

    He continued, “I make a lot of different types. My success come from the simple beat, but when you think about it, when you listen to ‘Suge,’ but then turn around and listen to an ‘Oh My God,’ they totally different beats, totally different sounds. I just use whatever sounds good. Whatever goes good in that beat is what I’m gonna use. I just try to keep my same bounce.”

    Fortunately, Jetsonmade is sure to have more dope beats in his vault, ready for future collaborations.


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