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    Jesse Jackson Gives Update On Lamar Odom’s Current Condition

    Jesse Jackson gave an update on Lamar Odom after coming from the Las Vegas hospital, via Bill Oram.

    According to Jackson, Odom is on life support and is recovering.

    “Khloe is by his side. He is unconscious but doctors say he is recovering. I understand that Kobe visited him last night while he was in the city. … Hoping he will bounce back.

    Doctors felt he is much better off today than he was yesterday. At least there is some responsiveness now. He’s not talking. He’s got tubes running out. But we felt inspired by his presence, we had prayer.

    I won’t use the term stable or critical. He looks critical to me. He was non-responsive yesterday, they said he’s responsive today.

    He came in a very, very deep place, and medically. But I would rather doctors would talk about things medical.”

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