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    Jennifer Lopez Is Getting Sued Over An Instagram Story?

    It’s pretty common for celebrities to post photos of themselves on Instagram stories. But, we haven’t seen them get sued for it…have we? Well, Jennifer Lopez is now on that list.

    Jennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity on the chopping block for posting photos online. According to TMZ, J Lo posted a photo of herself with the caption “Today was a good day!!” without permission. And the photographer is not pleased.

    The photographer goes by the name of Michael Stewart and he noticed the photo online. In his defense, no one from her team reached out to him for permission to use the image. He is escalating measures by visiting the United STtae Copyright Office to register the image. So, it’s clear that he is not happy.

    Now, Stewart is seeking all profits from the photo which could amount up to $150k in damages. Lopez has yet to comment on the situation.

    What do you all think? Is the picture really worth $150K? Or is he tryna come up off Lopez? Please comment below and in other news, keep it locked to!

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