Epstein Was Dangerous Alive!!! Neck Rung In Cell???

Don’t be so quick to rule Jeffrey Epstein’s death a suicide.

TMZ reports that that might not be the case. As it turns out Jeffrey Epstein may have been strangled rather than what everyone was told the cause of death as a result of the first time. A coroner is spending an extra amount of time with Epstein’s body to make sure. Overall it’s evident that Jeffrey Epstein was dangerous alive, and was killed under orders.

Jeffrey Epstein Was Dangerous Alive

The investigation into Epstein’s death will take a longer time than usual because certain things about his death just don’t add up. Apparently, when a person commits suicide their injuries aren’t as severe. But in this Jeffrey’s case, his injuries are much more severe than your average hanging.

Jeffrey has multiple bones fractured, which indicate foul play may have taken place. One fracture is located right near Jeffrey’s Adam’s apple. This injury is more common in cases of strangulation.

Epstein’s death was announced on August 10. He died at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. Epstein was facing charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy. He was denied bail ahead of his trial. The day he died, guards at the jail say they found him unresponsive in his cell around the early hours of the morning.

Those guards have been placed on suspension following his death. Epstein was supposed to be on suicide watch, but the guards admit to taking a nap and not checking on him for several hours. Not to mention, they attempted to cover up the lapses in time. He had connections with the Clintons, and also had ties to Trump. If left alive he could have easily told the secrets of politicians in and out of office.

The story is still unfolding.

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