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    Jeff Bezos Ain’t Welcomed in New York City! Politicians Want Him Out!

    Jeff Bezos may be the world’s richest e-commerce guru but that doesn’t eliminate how politicians receive his success.

    Jeff Bezos apparently is sparking up some controversy with his most recent decision to add two new headquarters in Virginia and New York City. Hundreds came together yesterday at Gordon Triangle, mobbing a newly proposed campus for Amazon employees. Local politicians spearheaded by NY City Council seatholder Jimmy Van Bramer and State Senator Michael Gianaris pushed their message to block and stop Jeff Bezos from grabbing highly incentivized land at all costs.

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    “We are here to say to Amazon: Take that welcome mat that was rolled out for you yesterday, put it back in the package it came in, and send it back to Seattle where it belongs,” Michael Gianaris said to the followers. He claimed he recently deleted the Amazon app, kicking his desires to buy anything through the e-commerce company and encouraging those who follow to do the same.

    The reason why? Because of the city’s failings environmentally. The rising rents, lack of affordable housing, a transit crisis, underfunded schools, public housing with no heat or hot water.

    And by bringing Amazon to NYC, this will cost the big town 3 Billion Dollars, which the politicians believe is a “immoral waste of taxpayers dollars” for a company that brings no economic output for the community it sits in. Instead, those bucks go straight to Jeff Bezos’s pockets.
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    Yes, Amazon is helping its workers pay off student debts to College and Financial loan institutions through employment, but many argue that that’s just not enough.

    “I’ve seen lots of projections, I’ve seen lots of numbers. I’ve also seen a helipad delivered to Jeff Bezos when people in Queensbridge don’t have heat today,” Van Bramer told Gizmodo, referring to the city’s offer to “secure” helicopter access to Amazon. “There’s just no telling us that this is the right thing being done for the right reasons.”

    Even with these claims and reasonings, Bezos is still laughing his ass all the way to the bank.

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