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    JayRoddy delivers a vibrant new single, “Promised Myself”

    Massachusetts-based rapper JayRoddy recently released a stunning new single, “Promised Myself,” which positions his charming arrangement on total production as he uses energetic instrumentation and produces a gorgeous, lyrical melody. His passion for music emerged when he was still a child.

    JayRoddy chatted with us and answered our three specific questions. Check it out below.

    HYPEFRESH: Let’s start by introducing ourselves. You know the basics, like your name, age, and where you’re from; you can share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

    JayRoddy: Thank you for this opportunity & taking the time to learn about my journey. I go by JayRoddy & I’m an independent hip-hop artist from Massachusetts. I’ve been writing & recording original songs since 2016, but I fell in love with music as a child. Growing up, I dealt with a dysfunctional family and struggled with anxiety, so music was my way of getting through it. I was never good at expressing emotions with words, so I got addicted to expressing myself & my experiences through my music. My sound has elements of emotive rap, boundary-pushing pop & a touch of R&B. My goal is to reach people who can relate to my experiences & show them that they’re not alone. Inspired by artists like Drake, Bryson Tiller & J. Cole.

    HYPEFRESH: Can you tell us about your new single, “Promised Me”?

    JayRoddy: With lyrics such as “Been tryna make my momma proud, I can’t quit now” & “Always sticking to the plan I got big plans,” Promised Myself is a melodic rap song about self-accountability & keeping the promises you made to yourself. A detrimental part of reaching your full potential is sticking to the plan & becoming obsessed with the process. This emotional banger will 100% get you in your feels, mainly because emerging producer PavMadeIt produced it.

    HYPEFRESH: What do you like most about being a music artist?

    JayRoddy: The best thing about being a musical artist is telling my story to people that don’t know me. Find ways to put me out there to inspire listeners to do the same. You’re the author of your book & being able to portray my image in music is extremely meaningful. Being vulnerable makes the music feel more authentic.

    Stream JayRoddy’s “Promised Myself” on Spotify.

    Connect with JayRoddy: Instagram | Spotify



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