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    Jay Z is Being Sued For $18 Million For Lack of Interest in Cologne Investment

    When most celebrities launch their own brand of fragrances, it’s usually backed up with a corny campaign sponsored by a major name retailer where you’ll be able to buy the signature cologne.

    But when you have as much money as Jay Z, sometimes you’ll write your name on it and hope that it sells itself.

    After not accomplishing the most major profit from his signature cologne, Gold, it looks like Mr. Carter’s lack of participation has driven Parlux Fragrancesto file a lawsuit against him for $18 million. The company feels that the failure of the cologne is because of Jay Z and that he agreed to collaborate with a follow-up line as well as series of social media promotions and interviews about the fragrance, which ended up never happening either.

    Parlux states that sells were projected to make around $50 million from the Gold and wants $18 million for the inconvenience.

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