Jay Z Creates “Songs For Survival” Playlist On Tidal

Jay Z Creates Songs For Survival” Playlist On Tidal

A few days after Jay Z released his track “Spiritual”, a protest song about police brutality against African-Americans, the rapper took it a step further by creating a 24-track playlist on Tidal dubbed, ” Songs For Survival”.

Curated by Jay, the track playlist features songs from various eras that address the ongoing issue of social injustice. Artists like Bob Marley (“War”), James Brown (“Say It Loud-I’m Black And I’m Proud”), Kendrick Lamar (“Alright”), Mos Def (“UMI”), Nina Simone (“Feeling Good”), and Sam Cooke (“A Change Is Gonna Come”) are all featured amongst others.

You can listen to the “Songs for Survival” playlist below.

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