Jay-Z Is Changing The Culture With Historical College Bus Tour

Jay-Z continues to disrupt the culture with his latest gesture set to take place.

Mr. Carter continues to prove why is one of the best to ever do it. For years The Carters have been about uplifting the culture in every possible way. It was just recently announced that The Shawn Carter Foundation will partner with Toyota for a big push in the path of education. The two will help facilitate high achievers to tour 11 different college campus. The stops will include colleges in Washington, DC, Atlanta, an Georgia.

Jay-Z Change Culture

The hope is that the participants will choose between the 11 historically black universities and colleges. Something like this would help to push the narrative of black ownership. Furthermore, the tour will also provide support to chosen individuals. Things such as resume building seminars, and private sessions with school admissions counselors.  People such as his mother Gloria Carter, Angie Ange and Candice Wong will have a significant role in the upcoming project.

This adds onto an already noble list of things Jay-Z has helped orchestrate since transitioning into the world of business. Earlier this year when rapper 21 Savage was being deported, Mr. Carter stepped in to help defuse the situation. He also helped to produce a new documentary series that would address racism. Shawn Carter has obtained many feats and continues to be the change that our culture needs.

How else will Jay-Z change culture going forward? How has he made a difference in your life? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to Hypefresh.

Featured Image Credit: Billboard 


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