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    HF Exclusive: J.Lately Distinguishes Himself As An Emcee With Soulful Style In New Video, “On It”

    J.Lately has done an exceptional job at distinguishing his artistry and his unique ability to put his everyday life into a relatable perspective.

    Over the Summer, Lately released Be Fucking Happy, addressing some of life’s hardships like balancing ambition and depression, and the difficult task of enjoying life as it is, living in the moments. Happiness is the key to a fulfilled life, and J.Lately has made it a statement to elaborate on that very notion with his latest sounds.

    J.Lately’s music possesses the rare ability to make you contemplate and vibe out simultaneously, finding the perfect balance between the conscious and the stoner. Coming from the small town of Sebastopol, and having split time between Oakland and Southern California, his influences are eclectic and mesh together effortlessly to form his own individual style.

    His most recent album, “Be Fucking Happy“, is available everywhere for streaming and download. His new visual “On It” is something like an ode to women’s appreciation. The theatrics to this visual are very alluring.

    Tune in below for J.Lately’s new piece, “On It”. Stay tuned, as more drops are sure to follow in the new year.


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