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    Talented MC Jay Bang releases her new hit song “Do Yew.”

    Jay Bang just dropped visuals for her single “Do Yew”

    The Dallas native delivers a flawless blend of soulful vocals and intense rhymes. The record depicts a relationship gone left leaving Jay to do her while her man does the same. She reminds him that no woman has done for him as she has. Also, she declares his expected role to hold her down rather than cause pain. Jay displays the boundless disconnection and regrets of time lost. However, as reflected in her lyrics, she will continue to focus on herself while he does what he wants- Via MJ Spokenword

    She also released a video to go along with the single here’s what I thought

    Although the video was high quality and the visuals were enjoyable it was lacking in a storyline and the connection with the actors in the video wasn’t there. Also, The conflict that was shown at the end could have been pushed towards the beginning to start off the music video. Since the song is called “Do YEW” there should have been more of Jay doing her and the male character doing him. To conclude, The song delivered catchy rhymes but the music video didn’t do it justice. In the future, it would be nice to see more of a storyline in the video to complement the song.

    You can check the video

    Was our review of Jay Bang’s “Do YEW” accurate or did you feel the video did the song justice?

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