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    BIGLITTLETALK Podcast: Are The NBA Referees at War With James Harden?

    The two juggernauts of the Western Conference have collided in a matchup that is sure to bring about plenty of drama.

    Last year in the Western Conference finals the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets met in the ultimate thriller. The rockets managed to push the series to a game 7, that ultimately set the tone for a rematch in this year’s playoffs. Unlike last year, the Rockets have a fully healthy Chris Paul to facilitate Houston‘s offense. However, the main story isn’t about Kevin Durant‘s dominance or the splash brother’s accuracy. This year’s main story is the official’s inability to acknowledge the necessary calls for James Harden down the stretch.

    James Harden No Calls

    Above all, both games played so far has been decided by six points or less. An argument can be made that if foul calls were made, the outcome of the games would certainly be different. Well before the start of the series officials have been on the hot seat about not being able to officiate games properly. Because of James Harden‘s ability to create contact, throughout games, he lives at the free throw line. The former sixth man from the Oklahoma City Thunder surely has come a long way from coming off the bench. Now more than ever Harden has become one of the best at his ability to get to the basket. The reigning MVP leads a high powered offense that can compete with the Warriors from behind the arc.

    This past week things got even more interesting when the Houston Rocket‘s office leaked that during last year conference finals that they launched their own personal officiating investigation. The organization discovered that there were a total of 81 missed calls throughout the entire game. Leaving plenty of speculation surrounding the questionable overlooked calls. Furthermore, in today’s world of sports, it’s possible that the referee’s ignorance could be a sign of foul play. At the beginning of the season, it was announced that gambling would now be legal when it comes to NBA games. Legalized betting can surely mean that millions of dollars could be at stake just for this playoff series alone.

    James Harden No Calls
    Featured Image Credit: Jared Schrock

    Will James Harden no calls cost the Houston Rocket’s their chance at a championship? Does the officiating crew have it out for the Rockets? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

    Illustrator: Jared Schrock

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