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    Jake Paul Renovates Boxing Gym In Collaboration With Team La Perla

    La Perla Puerto Rico is known locally as a place to never visit. We’ve always been told that criminals and narcs lived there, which created a very dangerous image. The image ends up generalizing a state of people who don’t have the same chances as others. So what happened? Jake Paul and his non-profit Boxing Bullies teamed up with Team La Perla to help renovate an old boxing gym located in La Perla.

    What is Boxing Bullies?

    Boxing Bullies is a non-profit organization created by Jake Paul to inflict self-confidence, and courage on the youth of today. The organization achieves this mission while using the sport of boxing as a way of reaching this goal. And all in all, Boxing Bullies uses its voice and platforms to stand against bullying. This organization is working together with the Amateur Boxing Federation on the island of Puerto Rico for this collaboration.

    The controversial Youtuber is making his mark on the island for the next generation in Puerto Rican boxing. A video uploaded by Team La Perla revealed the renovation of the gym.

    Also, this is the first gym  renovated in this entity.


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    “It looks totally different. It looks awesome”, Paul expressed in the video. Furthermore, in the front part of the building, the logo of the foundation Boxing Bullies by Jake Paul can be seen.

    Sold His Brother’s Rolex

    Back in December Jake Paul revealed the news he was going to sell Logan Paul’s Rolex to raise money for the gym. Moreover, “The Problem Child” dared his brother to a game of rock, paper, and scissors and won the Rolex. The game took place after his boxing win against Tyrone Woodley. After his win against Logan, he stated:

    Sponsors, I’m tagging y’all on my Instagram. I appreciate everyone. This means a lot. All of this is for the kids. We just saw; that I took Logan’s Rolex for the kids. We’re gonna renovate a gym with that Rolex. So, Boxing Bullies has been a big part of my life. I love every aspect of it – getting to help the kids, getting to renovate gyms around the world. We did our first gym in La Perla in Puerto Rico. So, this is just the start. Let’s go, for real. And I don’t wanna take up too much of your time to say too much sh**,” Paul then indicated that he was going to auction the Rolex and a few other items to raise money for his charity. He said, “Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. So, we have some pretty cool items for auction here.”


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