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    Jaidyn – “The Power” (Video)

    Whether you’re familiar with North Philadelphia nativeJaidyn or not, consider his new video for “The Power” to be your proper introduction. Chances are, you’ll want to know more about the kid once the clips fades out.

    The rising emcee caught a buzz three years back with his debut release, Enjoy, but he’s been working painstakingly ever since to establish himself as an all-around artist. That much is evident in “The Power,” our latest taste of his forthcoming, Heaven Beyond The Streetsmixtape. His approach is confident and engaging throughout the Will Knows directed visuals, as Jaidyn combines bravado and personal revelations in his rhymes. In one line he’s boasting about his triumphs in the bedroom, and in another he’s contemplating how to handle the impact of depression.

    Backed by an ill, vocal sample-driven production that sounds timeless and fresh all at once, Jaidyn makes it clear that he’s here to stay with “The Power.” Heaven Beyond The Streets is due out soon.

    A bit about the artist:

    Jose Gonzalez, better known as Jaidyn, grew up in North Philadelphia, an area known for its rough and crime-ridden streets. Rather than only focus on the negative aspects of his hometown and upbringing, he paints a full picture by highlighting the good and the bad.

    In his younger years, he was exposed to rap through his cousin, who describes as more of a battle rapper. “I took [his] energy with me when I started battling people in high school and began writing songs,” he says, adding that the then-recently released 8 Mile was also a huge inspiration.

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