Jada Pinkett Smith Admits She Can Be One Mean Bitch!! August Alsina Might Need To Fix That!!


Jada Pinkett Smith is a name that we all know and love. As of late, she has been very transparent about letting everyone know she isn’t perfect. Even to the point where she admits she can be a mean bitch at times towards her husband Will Smith.

The actress and host of Red Table Talk recently spoke about her struggle with her own ego. She stated that she wasn’t ideally the most pleasant person to be around when her other side came out. She even admitted that “She’s a vicious one and she’s mean.”

Jada Pinkett Mean Bitch

“I’ve done some very unloving things to people that I love because of my fear and my ego,” she told her daughter Willow Smith. “Because once my ego kicks in, we in trouble. That Jada, baby, she ain’t cute.”

Back in February, the actress openly spoke about letting go of the fantasies they wanted in their marriage. Will Smith seems like the ultimate nice guy in a sense. However, there have been several reports that tie Jada to R&B singer August Alsina. Even to the point where he made a song about her. Both sides have flat out denied the song was about Jada. However many believe otherwise.

Earlier last week the actress also opened up about her previous porn addiction, and how it is unhealthy in a relationship. Her show Red Table Talk airs every Monday on Facebook watch.

“Let me tell you, nobody talks about the sacrifice, the deterioration and the dissolving of fantasies,” she said of her more than two-decades-long marriage. “You, right now, have in your mind your perfect woman. And when you find that woman, she’s gonna be a goddess to you. We fall in love with the goddess, or the god, within that person, and then when we actually meet the human being, then we gotta learn how to love that one.”
“The reason why it is so important to me to be able to stick it out is to really get to the true meaning of love, in my opinion, it is unconditional,” she continued. “It has to be because we are all too flawed. No matter how much work we do! It never ends.”

Do you think that Will Smith should put up with Jada Pinkett mean bitch persona? Should they get a divorce? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to Hypefresh.co.

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