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    Jada Pinkett Smith Gives No Coins To Loved Ones

    Jada Pinkett Smith Explains Why She Doesn’t Give Family Money

    During an episode of Red Table Talk, Jada got candid with her unapologetically unique daughter Willow and stunningly beautiful mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones. The trio  discussed annoying awkward social interactions.

    Then, the co-hosts took questions from viewers, including a woman from Queens named Samantha, who wondered about telling her loved ones “no” when they asked for money. She emphasized all the work she put in to achieve her current level of success

    Jada Urges People to Let Go of Success Guilt 

    Jada admits to her struggles with the money she has acquired as a result of her success. The fact of the matter is, she believes no one who grew up money strapped should feel obligated to give their loved ones money. 

    “I’ve spent so many years feeling guilty, and my guilt made me feel like I owed everybody and I wasn’t allowed to say ‘no.’ And that’s just not true, right? So I came up with a couple of rules for myself. First of all, I don’t lend money. I only give money that I’m willing to give away — like, this is a gift,” Jada said. 

    Jada Gives but Doesn’t Offer Loans 

    The actress made the decision to only give when the expectation is for the money to be a gift. She is not giving handouts with the intention of people having to pay her back. 

    “When somebody really needs help, I really evaluate it to see if the person is ready for that help. You feel me?” Jada continued. “So it’s like…‘I want a new house,’ but they don’t have a job to support the house they’re trying to buy…It’s like, well, you’re not ready for that. So I’m not about to help you get into something that ultimately is going to make more difficulty for you, right? And so, I really had to look at that. So I’ve also learned to help people with resources, with education.”

    Jada’s Message to Successful Folks

    People should not make themselves feel bad about saying no. Their families do not automatically become charity cases when success knocks at their doors.


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