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    Jacob Blake Issues Statement 1 Year After Being Shot

    Jacob Blake is grateful to be alive a year after Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey shot him seven times in his side. While Blake continues his road to recovery, he details his trauma and how he cannot fully recover in the age of police brutality and civil unrest. 

    Blake’s Trauma Response 

    The  30-year-old father of six traveled to the Chicago area to spend the holiday weekend with family. According to WTTW News, Blake recalls suffering from a panic attack during the holiday. He hesitated before calling the police, but he didn’t know what else to do. 

    Blake details the toll the sound of fireworks took on him:

    “Before we even got to the 4th of July, the weekend was bloody already, Blake says. “I was watching all of my people dying.”

    “I’m hearing these booms [fireworks] and it’s not scaring me because I got shot, it’s scaring me because all of those people have gotten shot so every time a boom went off, I’m kind of imagining people dying.”

    The Act of Protesting

    Blake disagrees with the approach of some groups of protestors, but he understands their frustration. While he recovered from his injuries, he witnessed tons of other men and women lose their lives at the hands of police.

    Blake’s own shooting incident occurred at the end of last summer. Unfortunately, the arresting officers face no charges. With America’s broken criminal justice system, there will likely be no consequences for the responding officers’ actions. Even still, Jacob Blake is optimistic about his ability to make a difference. He is determined to prove that his survival is not in vain. 


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