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    Jacksonville Jaguars Josh Allen Defeats Buffalo Bills Josh Allen

    Jacksonville Jaguar’s Josh Allen

    Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen has a day for the ages against the Buffalo Bills Josh Allen. The Jaguars defeat the Bills, 9-6; however, this game seemed a bit personal for the linebacker for the Jaguars. This game sent the Internet into a frenzy with several memes and viral commentary. Jaguars Allen wanted to remind himself of this game for the rest of his career, he wanted the game-worn jersey of Bills Josh Allen. He figured number 17 wop with blue numbers and red trim would look good on a wall somewhere in his home, per ESPN.

    This Sunday, the Jaguars had the better Allen. The third-year pro intercepting a pass, making a sack, and recovering a fumble all led to the defeat of the Buffalo Bills. That performance will go down as one of the best defensive efforts in franchise history. Allen and company harassed Buffalo’s Allen all day. They caused three second-half turnovers that solidify the Jag’s second victory of the year.

    “That’s what we’re supposed to do,” Jacksonville’s Allen said.

    Buffalo Bill’s Josh Allen

    The Bills are 5-3 on the year, yet this is their most confusing loss of the year. They did recently lose to the Tennessee Titans three weeks ago on the final play but this seemed evenly matched. Bill’s Allen completed 31 of 47 passes for 264 yards, threw two interceptions, and fumbled. He fumbled even later in the game; however, the referees ruled the play dead so it was erased. With that being said, Bill’s Allen was not satisfied with his play nor the team and believes they will get better from this experience.

    “We played like (crap) and it starts with me,” Allen said. “This loss stings, but we will be better because of it.”

    Did the Bills lose or did the Jacksonville Jaguars win?

    The game’s most determining moments came on the Buffalo Bill’s final two drives, which led to multiple Allen fumbles.

    “I was just looking on their sideline and one thing I know is I was like, ‘They don’t have the same energy as us,'” Jaguars cornerback Shaquill Griffin said. “If you feel like one team deserved this win, it’s us, but you’ve got to believe that.

    “That’s one thing I kept preaching at everybody else. Look on the sidelines, watching them walking around, it’s like they don’t care. They don’t deserve this. Let’s show them why. So now we’ve got to continue that momentum.”

    Allen’s sack made NFL history. It was the first time a player sacked a quarterback with the same name since the league started counting sacks in 1982, per ESPN.

    “Our defense today, that’s one of the best defensive performances I’ve seen,” Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence said. “It’s just fun to watch. Really they put on their back.”


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