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    Lamar Jackson Deserves NFL MVP

    Jackson Deserves The NFL MVP

    Many people believe that Lamar Jackson deserves the NFL MVP for the 2019 season. For a player to secure MVP it helps if their team is succeeding as well. This is something that Lamar Jackson has definitely led to happening. Jackson’s high level of play has resulted in the Baltimore Ravens sitting atop the AFC North with a record of 9-2.

    Along with this, the Ravens’ offensive production has been top-notch this season. In terms of rushing ability, it is clear this team is unmatched. The Ravens lead the league in total rushing yards this season with 2,316 yards. The next closest team only has 1,602 total rushing yards this season.  The Ravens currently rank 2nd in total yards per game in the NFL and lead the league in points per game. The Ravens are one of two teams averaging over 30 points scored per game, having an average of 35.1 points per game.

    Jackson Is Unmatched In Rushing Skills For QBs

    The numbers that Jackson has put up in terms of rushing this season are historic. Currently, Jackson is on pace to have 1,274 total-rushing yards this season. In regard to rushing performances by QBs this is unmatched this season and in general. Jackson more than doubles the next QBs total-rushing yards this season and is on pace to break the single-season total rushing yards of a QB by more than 200 yards.

    When it comes to rushing performances, in general, this season Lamar’s numbers are still very good. Jackson is 9th in total rush yards this season, RBs included. Along with this Jackson is leading the league in average yards per rush with 7.1 yards.
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    Jackson Is An Elite QB

    Jackson deserves the NFL MVP. This can be seen not only by his running skills but his passing ability as well. Jackson has an impressive completion percentage of 66.9%. Jackson is ranked 23rd in the league in terms of pass attempts per game, but this is not even necessarily a bad thing.

    Instead, this just goes to show how efficient Jackson is when it comes to his passing ability. So far this season Jackson leads the NFL in total touchdowns thrown with 24. These numbers are no fluke. It would seem that Jackson can compete with the best of them. The Ravens have won their last 5 games, beating impressive teams such as the Patriots and Seahawks. Jackson’s Monday night showing of  5 passing touchdowns against the Rams only goes to reaffirm his dominance.

    What do you guys think though? Has Jackson proven himself? Does Lamar Jackson deserve to be the NFL MVP? Or is he just impressing people with his rushing abilities?

    Lastly, let us know in your thoughts in the comments


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