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    Jack Jack: Versatile Houston Artist’s Video Concept For New Track

    What’s up world of entertainment? HypeFresh is back once again with the infamous Jack Jack, an evolving music guru out of Texas. Back in November at the L.O.U.D Muzik press junket, Jack Jack makes his way by our table—the rest is history.

    We are elated to have Jack on with us today to talk about his new single along with the visual for, “Ghostride”.

    The track is a riot of whimsical fantasy, pain and love with a grungy pop-rock flavor. Meet Jack Jack.

    Inspiration behind the visual

    JJ: Ghostride, so the concept of the video, of course, when you put it out, you watch it all the way through. You see a guy who is trying to please a girl, it looks like Moto boy is kidnapping her. Do you know what demons are? There are manmade demons, the scary guy. Then you have a different part of a demon, as in a negative part. So, let’s say when we talk bout a demon, the manmade thing, right? That’s all world-made negativities that we have. Let’s say if someone has anxiety, or self-doubt, those can also be looked at as demons. Metaphorically. So, the concept of Ghostride is, bringing it full circle, is that you have to find love in a person in who they are right now. You also have to learn who they are not. They have probably learned through past traumas, maybe they are untrustworthy or don’t trust at all. Moto Boy is my demon. Standing against my demon face to face, I decided to give him character. So when you see this girl, that’s my actual girl by the way. This is all like real art—all real.

    More on the Concept

    JJ: Indeed, when she goes to sleep at night, my demon slips inside her dreams to give her what the worth says a woman should have. There I am, serenading her with my rockstar ways. There is a Louis V wall back there. Girls love designer. You have manmade heaven, that’s what the clouds represent. It’s fake, it’s not real. When she goes to the next piece, there is a completely different person over there. That’s Moto Boy, he’s trying to get her, but in the worst way. That’s where he leaves off with her in a different manner. It’s hard to love a demon, so they’re really, really trying to find love out here. I think we all are.

    Follow Moto Boy on Instagram @ilove.jackjack.



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