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    J.Prince Comments On Megan The Stallion Lawsuit

    Hip-Hop Mogul J.Prince Addressed comments made about him in the Megan The Stallion Lawsuit Case.

    J.Prince is Defending himself from accusations made about him in Megan Thee Stallion’s label lawsuit. The Rap-a-lot founder took to social media to address comments made about him in court documents of the case.

    According to the documents, J.Prince is “notorious in the music business of threats and intimidation.” Furthermore, Prince’s relationship with the owner of 1501 entertainment Carl Crawford is brought into question.

    Prince says the whole issue is about Big labels trying to get over on small labels. Megan signed with 1501 in hopes to get her name out there and get some buzz going. 1501 did their part, and then Rocnation came in and gave Megan a Contract. However, signing to Rocnation is when all the internal drama started happening.

    Something J.Prince knows all too well about when dealing with big labels.

    “One of the first things they do is criticize the deal that raised that artist from the dead. These record labels and managers don’t want shit to do with these artists until the hard work, risk, sacrifices, and resources have been spent by the little guys. This is the same technique of culture vultures. I didn’t allow this to happen to me when New York and LA record labels attempted to take my artists- so they labeled me as malicious for fighting back. I didn’t allow it then so I damn sure ain’t gonna allow it to happen to 1501 Records or any of the other independent record labels that I’m associated with.” said the mogul

    Further adding, “For the record, we have no problem with negotiating with Megan, but we do have a problem with dictators. I find it very interesting that Roc Nation would allow their employee to sign an affidavit and statement full of slanderous lies on my methods of doing business when we have partnered together on several occasions. I don’t think Jay Z is aware of this, but only time will tell.”

    J.Prince goes on to say that Megan’s deal is a good one. He even gives credit to the rapper’s mother for negotiating the original contract.

    J Prince Comments On Megan The Stallion Lawsuit-1

    As we reported, Megan announced she is releasing new music on Friday.

    Something her label tried to stop, but the judge in the case denied the motions.

    Hopefully, the issue between Megan Thee Stallion and her label can be worked out. Megan seems to be on the cusp of great success; it’d be a shame if that is negated over a contract dispute.

    What are you guys’ thoughts on the J.Princes comments on the Megan THee Stallion Situation? Is Prince right about Megan being taken advantage of?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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