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    J. Lo Trends After Whitney Houston Grammy Tribute Practice

    J. Lo’s Grammy Tribute Practice Fail

    The Grammys 2023 committee made announcements of a legendary Whitney Houston tribute and J. Lo has become a trending topic.

    The late Whitney Houston deserves to be revered and honored with respect. No singer can compare to the depth of Whitney Houston’s vocal range. Brows are furled and critiques are mounting as leaked footage of J. Lo’s vocal practice by Chris Evans has floated around social media.

    One important part of Houston’s early life and career was singing gospel songs at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ. Many may wonder if the Black church supports J. Lo’s efforts to bring life to Whitney Houston’s songs. It is apparent that J. Lo will need more practice and prayer to pull this off. The church can say Amen to that.

    Overall, there is some disappointment considering that it appears that the list was not carefully curated. Nonetheless, J. Lo is confident that she can sing Whitney’s classic hits with ease. J. Lo’s appearance in movies may pale in comparison to this class act. During a recent interview, the Bronx native commented on her upcoming performance:

    “I feel that Whitney’s songs fit my vocal range very well,” J. Lo said. “I’m going to sing I Have Nothing & I Will Always Love You.”

    Fans quickly clapped back:


    What are your thoughts on J. Lo’s Whitney Houston tribute? What are your favorite Whitney Houston songs? What vocalists should be on the list for the Whitney Houston Grammys tribute?


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