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    J. Cole provides one girls college dream

    J. Cole is a great lyricist, person, and definitely a man of his word. Between having all number one albums, to touring, Cole has decided to help one young high school graduate attend college. The high school graduate is Cierra Bosarge, and her dreams came true from one J. Cole concert.

    Two years ago, Bosarge wrote a letter to Cole to talk about her academic hardships and how Cole inspired her, and she asked Cole to attend her future high school graduation. Cole promised to attend her graduation only if she got accepted into a 4-year university. From 2013-2015, Bosarge kept Cole and his team updated on her success and college plans.

    Cole paused his tour this year in order to attend Bosarge’s graduation, and has paid for her books and college tuition. Bosarge is currently enrolled in her freshman year of college, and is a communications major.


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