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    North Londoners Ivy Lab Experiment With Pure Bass & Hip Hop For Woozy Futuristic Album ‘Death Don’t Always Taste Good’

    North London outfit, Ivy Lab, were brought together out of a shared enthusiasm for experimentations on the fringes of the UK bass music scene. The years that followed saw them go from strength to strength, earning a place in Mixmag’s “Top 10 DJs of 2015” and propagating a new generation of hip-hop inspired abstractions housed within the framework of their 20/20 LDN project.

    For the album artwork, Ivy Lab have collaborated with Portland-based / Anchorage-Raised painter and illustrator Megan Dixon, who they met at the 2016 Basscoast Festival in Canada, to create a series of three posters to accompany the LP and two singles.
    North Londoners Ivy Lab Experiment-1
    Ivy Lab head into the horizon not only with an anchored presence at the cutting edge of the bass-music landscape, but also a secured reputation as pioneering label bosses and event promoters in ownership of one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary music brands.

    When asked about the project, they stated,

    “The destiny of so many records is to be framed and hung on a wall as art – so we’ve embraced that usage and created something truly special by employing a specialist fine-art printing company to create the posters (pictured above).The challenge we’ve faced is that Megan’s art is a coloured acrylic landscape with a geometric overlay layer applied in metallic oil paints. The richness, depth of texture, and contrast between metallic and matte paint is lost when photographed and printed. Our solution? Have our designer painstakingly trace all the metallic geometry and mask it out so that it can excluded from the printing process, and then print the image on metallic card stock. In the negative space where the ink does not exist, the metallic card stock shows through providing the contrasting texture that makes the original paintings so textural.”

    Experience the incendiary sounds above and stay updated here!


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