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    Ivan Brooks delivers a self-love anthem single, “I Love Me.”

    Singer-songwriter Ivan Brooks delivers a self-love anthem infectious single, “I Love Me,” combining R&B with an Afrobeat sound.

    His latest single, “I Love Me,” accommodated the Afrobeat sound. Still, his versatility opened the door to later infusing R&B. Following the super successful release of his single “Flowers,” which has over half a million streams. Keeping up the momentum, the artist recently dropped his newest hit, “I Love Me.”

    I Love Me is a reflection of my journey. I’m here today because I survived everything. To this day, I’m still surviving. I have realized that I love myself so much I can’t and won’t let anything stand in my way of accomplishing my goals.” says Ivan Brooks.

    Next, be on the lookout for Ivan Brooks to release a music video for “I Love Me,” bringing the song’s vision to life.

    Stream Ivan Brooks’s “I Love Me” on Spotify.

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