It’s Still Costing Aretha Franklin Even After Death

Still Costing Aretha Franklin

Things have not been the same since the passing of Aretha Franklin.

The songstress was known for many classics and the unique sound of her voice. Her highly televised funeral was one that brought the black community filled with celebrities, politicians, and Gospel mavens together.

Even with her know passing on, it’s still business as usual. Gregory Reed, Franklin’s lawyer stated that he had issues collecting what was owed when Aretha was alive. Now with her gone, Reed is looking to her estate to satisfy outstanding bills.

Her lawyer has submitted paperwork request that the state takes cares of the $54,000 invoice backdating 6 years. Apparently, Mr. Reed provided a stream of different services to Aretha which included the structure of her last deal with Atlantic Records. The law firm claims that the last payment was for about $10,00, back in 2012.

The Queen Of Soul passed away back in August.


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