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    Italian Pop Star Defiant Army Displays Passion For Music, Design

    Defiant Army, the up-and-coming Italian musician sees fashion as part of his larger-than-life performance and now wants to turn it into a business. There is no denial that fashion is one of the most personal ways of expression. The way we dress shows how we feel and how we want to be perceived.

    For an artist like Defiant Army, fashion is a fundamental outlet of communicating with the world. The clothes one puts on act as a mirror of the individual’s personality.

    “I believe that a singer who is a rapper, trapper, pop, rock today identifies himself in the way of singing but also in the way of dressing and appearing. We all want to be original, we all want to stand out on other people and I believe that creating your own identity also by expressing yourself through your own outfit is important,” he says talking about his decision of starting his clothing business.

    The pandemic has been a challenge for us in multiple ways. But all challenges come with an opportunity and Defiant Army used his time in isolation to introspect, work on his craft, and find new channels for his artistic talent.

    How Did It Start?

    Drawing inspiration from hip-hop and punk rock cultures, the Italian rapper began designing leather jackets that he would wear at concerts. People took notice of his edgy style and the demand for similar apparel began to rise.

    At first, the artist didn’t see himself getting into the fashion industry. He took some private courses and with the pre-existing knack he had for art, so he sketched his ideas and put them on a drawer. “I needed the lockdown, so I pulled out my sketches and started creating designs for my first clothes for me to wear to my shows. Later, many artists liked them and I started creating my jackets and clothes for everyone.” He said.

    What’s Special About Defiant Army?

    As to what makes him different from other artists, Defiant Artist said “I think I’m a good communicator and a stage animal. I give my best on stage! I make the audience sing, I get my fans on stage. I think it is important to create a bond with the fans!” He also commented that he’s got a few powerful hits coming out in 2022. Many of them are collaborations with other Italian artists. He’s holding the names for a surprise.

    Defiant Army likes to write about real life, adding a pinch of irony sometimes. He’s not afraid of diving into difficult subjects, but puts a smile on them as he sings.

    “I want those who come to my shows to have fun and join. “I want and love equality between people, in my songs. I often say this.” He declared.

    Besides growing the audience for his music, Defiant Army wants great artists to wear his clothes. Getting into the American market is one of his priorities. He wants to ride the crypto wave and is working on his first NFT project. The collection will feature a little angel which is his mascot. What will he come up with next?


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