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    Israeli Conman Scams Dumb Women Out of Millions Online

    It doesn’t pay to online date.

    An Israeli man is on the run, after reportedly stealing millions of dollars from women all around the world. Apparently, women from Sweden, Norway, and Finland all fell victim to the charm and sweet-talking nature of a man named Shimon Hayut.

    Shimon Hayut

    According to reports, Hayut, known to the women as Simon Leviev, pretended to be the son of a very wealthy man, by the name of Lev Leviev. And apparently, it all worked without a hitch. The women all helped to invest loads of money into Hayut’s business endeavors. All he had to do was, first, spoil them with lavish, dinners, hotels, and private jets. Next, he just had to talk a good game. Hayut allegedly promised to pay them back, once they invested into his alleged many business ideas.

    But, the jokes on them. Hayut is now on the run, and authorities are after him. What’s more interesting is that this isn’t his first time scamming. According to The Source, Hayut has already served three years in prison for past fraud.

    So ladies, be careful when using Tinder.

    Thoughts? Would you ever give money to a man you met online, if he promised to pay you back? Share your thoughts with us, using the comment section below.

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