Is The Atlanta Music Scene More Supportive Than Philly?

Is The Atlanta Music Scene More

So some friends and I were having a conversation in Popeye’s about rap music (I know…stereotypically black as hell right). Anyway we were just sitting around eating, chilling, talking about music like we normally do. The conversation was going normal when all of a sudden one of my friends showed me a instagram post of Atlanta artist shouting out a local Atlanta teen dancer.She then said, “Man that’s crazy! Atlanta artists show love to other artists. They help support them. I wish Philly artists were like that”. Now he was just joking around but his comment made me ponder an idea. Do Atlanta artists support each other more than Philly artists?

When I think of the new wave of hot Atlanta artists like Migos, Future, 21 Savage, and Metro Boomin’, you can obviously see how they support each other because they are either collaborating or just shouting out each other on social media. But it’s not even just the mainstream artists that support each other. Even the local artists support each other’s artistic abilities and creative endeavors. There is an enormous onslaught of  local Atlanta dancers,painters, and actors that support Atlanta’s rich culture. Over the years, Atlanta has slowly become the“new Hollywood” when it comes to entertainment and actors and singers. I’m always hearing about some big movie being filmed in Atlanta, attracting  a wave of performers to follow their dreams not only for work, but also because for the booming comradery.

Is The Atlanta Music Scene More1

Now Philly on he other hand, is different. Don’t get me wrong I’m from Philly;  I see local Philly artists supporting each other, but not on the same scale. I think it’s maybe because Philly is not as main stream when it comes to opportunities in entertainment, making it harder to network with passionate, like-minded creatives. It’s like finding Waldo! They’re there, you just have to search. But then there’s another problem – Philly artists, for the most past ae looking out for themselves instead of “helping their fellow man.” But like I said, there are artists who do support each other, but the pool is small. I feel as Philly artists we not only need to continue to support each other but also open up our doors to new artists that share different levels taste in entertainment. Do you agree?



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