Is Pokemon Go Making Us Slaves?

Pokemon Go Making Us Slaves

Due to the growing fad of Pokemon Go,it leaves us all to question the role that technology plays in our lives. Games are huge part of this question. Thankfully, art has always been a tool to communicate and translate issues through beauty.

Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynskicleverly uses satire to communicate today’s social, political and cultural realities. While the majority of cartoonists opt for humor and entertainment, Pawel Kuczynski’swork illustrates the serious and often neglected problems of today’s world. This particular editorial focuses on the latest cultural phenomenon, technology.

Pawel Kuczunski graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan where he developed his signature aesthetic in commentary. Often confusing and provoking thought through his beautifully complex medium of art, he is unapologetic in his own right. His work usually revolves around the ideas of war, poverty, wage disparity, race relations, politics and technology. Most recently, Pawel has brought his artistic genius to the world of Pokemon Go, a fad that has made it’s way into the minds of not only youth but adults and everyone in between.
Titled, “Control” the first piece in his spread depicts the staple thunder mouse (Pikachu) saddling on the neck of a person engrossed in his phone. As the title suggests, Pokemon Go has completely shifted our cultural world and turned us into slaves. I downloaded the game and for 24 hours my only mission was to level up and catch as many Pokemon as possible. One New Yorker found them all and is currently negotiating a travel sponsorship, while others are following suite to live out their childhood dreams. But who has the control is interesting, further questioning the state of the technology industry and the ways that we neglect priorities and those around us to stare at our smartphones. The answer to the question is us. We have the power to shape our world and choose what we allow in our lives. Pawel is on to something and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Check out his work below and be sure to find more of his satirical illustrations here.


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