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    Is Justin Bieber’s Still On Drugs??

    Either Justin Bieber likes to wear IV’s as an accessory or he must be really sick.

    Justin Bieber was spotted walking around Los Angeles this week with an IV attached to his arm, which caused fans to become concerned about the singer’s overall health.

    “Why is Justin walking around LA with in IV attached to his arm? @justinbieber please let me know if you’re ok…im so worried about you. is this chemotherapy? I really hope im wrong,” one person tweeted.

    Though Justin Bieber’s reps did not respond, IVDRIPS CEO Bracha Banayan shares that fans do not need to be worried.

    “If it was a serious health condition, he probably wouldn’t be walking around with it,” the New York-based nurse practitioner told us. “If he was in a critical condition, he’d be in a monitored setting.”

    She added, “Nowadays people get IV therapy just for health and wellness benefits. It’s super trendy. Maybe he’s just trying to get rid of last night’s hangover.”

    Many celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, have been known to use IV vitamin drips to help boost their immune system.

    Bieber has always been open about his struggle with mental health. According to Page Six, IV vitamin infusions can also indirectly help one’s overall mental state.

    “It’s not necessarily treating the mental health, but since taking care of yourself is so crucial to having a healthy lifestyle, this is another way of boosting your wellness,” Banayan explained. “Even if you’re taking all of your medication, you still have to hydrate and take care of yourself properly.”

    Page Six says, typically an IV is administered at home or at a wellness center, meaning Bieber’s portable bag is “not common.”

    But Banayan added, “I’m assuming that anyone who put it in his arm is a health care provider and that it’s being monitored.”

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