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    Is BANKSY Really Selling His New Sculpture for $2.50?

    Controversial and brilliant artist, BANKSY is definitely adding to his media attention!

    The artist announced that he will be raffling a giant sculpture for just $2.50!  The sculpture is that of a boat featured in his Dismaland theme park to aid refugee support services.

    On Instagram, he noted:

    You can win it for £2 if you correctly guess how much it weighs.

    The rules are simple: The winner just needs to pay the fee and guess the correct weight of the coin-operated boat. And for those wait to the last minute, the online raffle is valid until 8 pm GMT, December 22.

    So, do you think that BANKSY’s latest move is poor taste? Let us know your comments below and in other culture and gossip news, visit here.


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