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    Is Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson being Unreasonable ?

    Unfortunately, Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s window is rapidly closing to sign a long-term contract. There appears to be no sign that they are a step closer to signing the deal either, reported Cody Benjamin for CBS Sports. However, it doesn’t appear to be on Baltimore’s side why the agreement hasn’t been reached. In fact, the Ravens offered Jackson more money than Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, according to Jay Glazer. The Ravens have attempted to lock up the star QB, however, the dilemma appears to be with nobody else but Jackson. Many sources state that he wants all to most of his money guaranteed similar to Murray and Browns Deshaun Watson.

    “It’s a really big uphill battle here,” Jay Glazer reported ahead of Sunday’s Cardinals-Ravens preseason game. “The reason why is because Lamar Jackson … is representing himself. … (The) Deshaun Watson deal kind of throws things out of whack, because I’m sure (Jackson) wants a fully guaranteed contract. I don’t see (the Ravens) wanting to do that.”

    Many have been following Jackson’s negotiations closely because whatever transpires from this situation can have serious ramifications going forward. He’s due $23 million this season; however, if he’s not extended this will force the Ravens to either franchise tag him or allow their franchise QB to test free agency.

    Why Won’t the Ravens Agree to Pay Lamar Jackson?

    Oddly, his contemporaries were all paid in full, however, the Ravens are skeptical to agree to a fully guaranteed contract. While I believe labeling Jackson ‘injury prone” isn’t fair it is something to take into consideration. Especially, his style of play can force him to be a liability to the Ravens if they invest all their stock into him. Not to mention, as great of a talent, as Jackson is, during his four years in the league he’s only managed to win one playoff game.

    With all considering, he’s a two-time pro bowler with appeared in the playoffs four times. As of now, he’s accomplished more than both Watson and Murray as an NFL QB. It’s odd he hasn’t been compensated for his efforts as of yet. The Ravens don’t have much leverage here there backups are decent options but nobody can fill Jackson’s shoes.


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