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    Iran Issues Warrant For Trump Arrest For Soleimani Murder

    Iran wants Trump and 30 others arrested for the murder of General Qassem Soleimani.

    Tensions between Iran and Trump are at an all-time high after a warrant for 45’s arrest was released. The middle eastern country is seeking Interpol’s help in bringing in the president and others who are responsible.

    Iranian Prosecutor, Ali Alqasimehr is seeking justice for one of his country’s most beloved military generals. During a press conference in Tehran, Alqasimehr said that he plans to prosecute once the president terms end. Which is quite interesting given that we are in the middle of an election year.

    Another interesting twist to this Iran and Trump situation is that Iran is seeking help from Interpol in their case. According to CNN, the country is asking that a red notice for all 36 people involved. However, the prosecutor has made it clear, that the Iranian enemy number one is Donald Trump.

    Since his Presidency began, Trump’s foreign policy has been more force less diplomacy. Iran has been a regular problem for 45 especially after he completely withdrew troops from the country after years of occupation.

    After the killing of General Qassem Soleimani, the two governments have shared their different views of what happened.

    Iran Trump Warrant

    Trump called the murder a victory, and praised his administration for doing something “Previous Presidents” couldn’t. Conversely,  the Iranians see that day cowardly, and brutal murder of good people.

    Both sides are equally right and wrong, the difference is only which country you were born in. To Americans, our generals, our leaders, our forefathers are heroes. However, for native Americans, Iranians, Iraqi people, Vietnamese, and even African Americans, those heroes are villains.

    Vigilantes across America are protecting statues and monuments of the heroes that others see as villains. Yet, until we as humanity can objectively look at our heroes and villains objectively as flawed, we will never be at peace.

    What do you guys think Iran issuing a warrant for Donald Trump’s arrest? Will Interpol help to enforce it?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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