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    Introducing Pastor Kanye West?? Who Is Allowing This Foolery?

    The iconic rapper known as Kanye West is the king of controversy. However, this time around he’s surely playing around with people’s religion.

    For the last several months Kanye has come out of hiding after his failed attempt to be an advocate for Donald Trump. The rapper faced plenty of backlash from the urban community as a result of Kanye’s decision to support Trump openly. After that debacle, the family man had no choice but to go into hiding for a bit until the storm passed. Now Mr. West is back stirring up plenty of anger in the Christian community. Furthermore, it seems as though it’s more of a gimmick than actual revelation on the part of Yeezy.

    Recently Mr. West named his fourth child Psalm West. However, it wasn’t long until it was announced that Kanye plans to become an ordained minister. This comes after the rapper has been having Sunday service that has gained massive attention. Mr. West has been traveling with an entire band providing Church hymns, and even performing some of his own catalogs.

    Pastor Kanye West
    “Kanye is convinced that his calling in life is now gospel and spreading the word of God,” a Keeping Up With the Kardashian opens a New Window. insider said. “He has always been a man of faith, but he has taken it to a whole new level now.

    It was just on May 10th, that the West family welcomed their fourth child by way of surrogate. Now it seems as though Mr. West is in the midst of another publicity stunt that is sure to gain the attention plenty. Two weeks ago fans on Twitter started looking for bread crumbs regarding the name of the child. Above all, they were surely wrong and not even close.

    “There was never another name choice,” the source noted. “Their baby was named Psalm before he was even conceived and they are loving the strong biblical reference.”

    Kim Kardashian-West has recently announced that she plans on becoming a lawyer. The reality tv star will also be coming out with her own show. Kim has been instrumental in helping several inmates get released early from jail. She even has agreed to pay the rent for one person for an entire year. However, even with all the good deeds, people still don’t have too much of an interest in the West family:

    “They honestly think that they are religious leaders now,” continued the source, adding, “Kanye thinks that he may have been Jesus in a past life, and he has Kim convinced she was the Virgin Mary.”

    What makes matters worse is that people were offended when learning that Kanye was selling Church Merch at alarming prices. Above all, Kris Jenner decided to pull down the merchandise after the massive backlash.

    When should we expect the announcement of Pastor Kanye West?

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