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    International Superstar, Shakira Catches Her Husband, Pique Cheating

    There has to be a scientific reason why women’s intuition is so strong. It’s almost as if when something doesn’t feel right, women can immediately pick up on it. This pretty much sums up what recently happens with international pop singer Shakira, who caught her now ex-husband Pique cheating. One small observation in her kitchen led her to the truth and exposed his lies.

    Hips Don’t Lie, Men Do

    The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer truly might have a future in being a detective if she gets tired of singing. After they reported late last year that Shakira and her husband were getting a divorce, it left everyone in shock. But as time passed, we now have more details on why exactly they ended things so abruptly.

    According to sources, Shakira realized something was up after coming back from tour and noticing her strawberry jam had been eaten. With her already having prior knowledge that her husband doesn’t even like jam, the writing was on the wall that someone had been over.

    Back In Blood

    In retrospect, that means he cheated on her in the house that Shakira bought, while the side chick ate her food and probably wore her clothes. Shakira is better than me because I would have been arrested. 12 years of marriage all down the drain, all because someone chose to be unfaithful.

    All I know is, Shakira better have some master plan to “get it back in blood.” Because what Pique did was downright dirty.


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