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    Instagram Models Banned From MLB For Flashing Boobs!!!

    Julia Rose and Lauren Summers are permanently banned from professional baseball games for showing their boobs.

    Julia Rose and Lauren Summer won’t be joining any seventh any stretches anytime soon. The two Instagram models have been barred from MLB Games forever.  After what the did during game 5 of the world series. Summer and Rose flashed Astro’s pitcher Gerrit Cole.

    Furthermore, the pair and their other model friend Kayla Lauren were escorted from the ballpark. The women are all owners of an online magazine called Shagmag. They decided that the world series would be a great time to promote their business. World Series games averaged almost 14 million viewers last year.

    The problem is the MLB doesn’t get down with unpaid sponsorship. Thus the Shagmag crew was asked to zip up their jackets showing their company logo. Truth is though Rose and Summer had bigger goals in mind and had plans to remove the shirts from view anyway.

    According to the women, the whole point of going to the game was to do the flashing. They originally sat right behind home base because of this. However, camera crews changed the angle so that the women could no longer be seen. Not to be thwarted, the women decided to do a flash and run. They went over to where the camera was now positioned did the deed and tried to get away but were caught.

    Shortly after the incident, Rose posted a photo of a letter she received from the MLB stating their ban.

    The reason the MLB says the women are banned is that they violated the fan code of conduct. Also, it states “You were also part of a scheme in which you induced others to expose themselves to promote the business.” On the contrary, the crew is saying while they did intentionally try to promote their business. The bigger goal was to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month.

    After being contacted by TMZ the Shagmag crew called out the MLB on its double standard when it comes to Boobs. Men are allowed to be shirtless at games and experience no punishment. During the conversation with the TMZ staffer, there was a mention or two of breast cancer. Yet it seemed to take a back burner to what the company is all about.

    What do you guys think? Did Julia Rose and Lauren Summer expose themselves all in the name of breast cancer? Or Are they full of it and just tried to capitalize on the world series popularity?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments?

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    Featured Image: NZ Herald


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