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    Hart’s Insensitive LGBTQ Tweets Leads To No Oscar Host

    Being insensitive can hurt you in the long and short run!

    This past weekend a lot of controversy surrounded larger than life comedian Kevin Hart.

    On Friday it was announced that Kevin Hart would be the host of the 91st Academy awards. Of course it was to be an distinguished honor for Kevin Hart, and his list of accomplishments.

    However that suddenly changed after someone recovered old tweets that was thought to be buried over eight years ago. The comedian in the past has apologized for the tweets, and wanted to move forward with his life.

    His hosting assignment was cut short after Kevin refused to apologize once again for his homophobic comments in the past. The Oscars gave Hart an ultimatum to either apologize or step down from hosting.

    Comedians such as Tony Rock, and Nick Cannon have come to the aid of Kevin Hart.

    Since this weekend everyone has been wondering who will become the host for the awards show. No one has really volunteered to host.

    Do you think Kevin Hart should try and be the host agains despite his insensitive tweets?

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