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Innocent Woman Gets Stabbed to Death After Helping a Panhandler

A woman with the heart of gold was killed, after she tried to help a woman on the side of a road.

Jacquelyn Smith was stabbed while she sat in the passenger seat of a car. Smith and her husband were on their way home from a night of celebrating their daughters birthday. Smith saw a woman holding a sign, begging for people to give her money. The woman was also carrying, what looked like an infant.

When Smith reached out to help the panhandling woman, a man stabbed her in the chest. Both the man and woman escaped, and remain at large.

The story has drawn widespread attention. Oprah Winfrey even chimed in on the tragic news.

Smith’s husband wants to pass a law that bans panhandling in the city of Baltimore. “This girl actually said, ‘God bless you’ after the man stabbed Jacquelyn,” he said.

He added that, “Something needs to be done, because now you don’t know whether or not you’re going to give and this person’s going to take your life or they’re going to say thank you,” Smith told the newspaper. “There are some desperate people. They don’t need help, they’re trying to hurt you.”

Gary Tuggle, Baltimore’s interim police commissioner, is urging the community to take extra caution.

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