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    Indiana women’s basketball HC Teri Moren Disgusted with Facilities

    Indiana women’s basketball HC Teri Moren voiced her opinion on how disappointed she was with the courts’ condition during their holiday weekend tournament in Las Vegas. Naturally, after she declared she was disappointed later pictures surfaced and the internet was outraged. The tournament took place in the ballroom of the Mirage hotel which had no room for any spectators or stands.

    While there were no stands, instead, they surrounded the courts with chairs, reported Sports Illustrated. Even if there were a big turn out there essentially wouldn’t have been room within the facility.

    “What was disappointing was the aesthetics; it’s not a fan-friendly environment,” Moren said, per ESPN’s M.A. Voepel. “As women’s basketball coaches, we’re trying to move our game forward. It felt like because [this] got so many ticks on social, that we had taken a couple of steps backward. We have an obligation to grow our game, and we completely missed this opportunity because you have a lot of really good teams that are here. I see all these other tournaments going on and footage of that, but this was a major miss.”

    Teri Moren and other women Being Mistreated in College Sports

    Sadly, this isn’t the first, nor the most high-profile, instance of disrespect to women’s college basketball.  These inadequate conditions became a major talking to a much deeper conversation to be had about women’s sports, as well as, women in general. Unfortunately, much didn’t change from the 2021 NCAA tournament where they experienced similar conditions.

    As a result, site coordinator Ryan Polk offered an apology for the underwhelming setup.

    “We’re very sorry,” Polk said. “The court and the lighting, that stuff hasn’t been an issue. But we needed to have full-on bleachers. We have notified The Mirage we won’t be coming back again. This is a one-time disaster in terms of events. It definitely did not go the way we thought or planned. We just severely missed the mark when comes to the spectator side.”


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