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    Ike Rhein Gives Off Summer Love Vibes In “Summer Breeze”

    Everyone loves an artist with mad talent. Though, there’s no one like pop singer Ike Rhein. The Grand Rapids, Michigan native stumbled on the discovery that he had a voice and a passion for music. Rhein got to work quickly, teaching himself how to play various instruments. Additionally, he started writing melodies, compositions and songs at an early age. By age 18, the rising star moved to Florida to pursue his musical aspirations.

    Now Rhein is most often known for his versatile style, where he combines futuristic notes and nostalgia with his own distinctive voice. Looks like his hard work really paid off in the end. Furthermore, the pop singer’s voice has been recognized everywhere. He’s been featured in several media outlets, such as The Source, LA Weekly, The Hype Magazine and the ELEVATOR Magazine. Additionally, his talent has allowed him to work with some of the greatest artists in the music industry, including Grammy-nominees Vinny DeLeon, Luh Kel, YN Jay and Andy Vandette.

    On top of working with some of the greats in the industry, Ike Rhein has produced additionally stellar projects. At the beginning of this year, Rhein released several hit songs and videos that garnished him millions of views , including “Messed It Up” featuring Luh Kel and “Violin.” Keeping the momentum going, the pop singer dropped his newest track “Summer Breeze” which gives us serious summer love vibes. 

    Ike Rhein Says There’s Love In The Air

    Michigan native pop singer Ike Rhein certainly has a weak spot for writing songs about love. His newest track “Summer Breeze” puts off some serious summer love vibes. Though, Rhein makes it clear that he’s not just looking for the usual seasonal hookup. Instead, he’s looking to be in a serious relationship. Throughout the song, Ike Rhein confesses his “love” for his love interest, which happens to be actress Savannah Lewis in the music video.

    Of course Rhein strives to make the song all the more romantic, by shooting the video from the sandy beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Most of the video features Rhein and his lover, holding hands and taking a stroll on the beach. Other cute moments show the two walking the streets of Puerto Rico. By the end of the video, Rhein and Lewis really turn up the heat when they share a rather intimate moment back at their hotel. It goes without saying that the two have serious chemistry throughout the video, even if they aren’t dating. Lovers could definitely jam out to  Rhein’s new song.

    What’s Next For The Pop Singer?

    Ike Rhein
    via Ike Anyanwu

    Currently, the aspiring pop singer has a lot going for him. He’s touring the US right now on his “Mixed Emotions Tour,” joined by none other than his collaborator, the Grammy-nominee Luh Kel. Clearly, Ike Rhein knows how to promote himself quite well.

    Speaking of promotion, the pop singer’s love track “Summer Breeze” was just a little taste of what’s to come off his upcoming debut EP. There’s no release date set yet, but fans can expect the record to drop soon. Catch up on more music and even better love songs by Ike Rhein.








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