Meet IGNORVNCE: The Producer Extraordinaire Behind Life Of Desiigner

Last night I got a chance to talk with Ignorvnce the mastermind behind Desiigner’s single “Jet” ft. Pusha T. The 21 year old producer from Brooklyn allowed me to dig into his history and he even revealed some new things in the interview…check it out below!

What inspired you to get into producing?

“My uncle gave me fruity loops and virtual DJ when I was young because I wanted to be a DJ. But I guess once I got to learn fruity loops I never left it alone. I was at it every day.”

When did you take it seriously and realize you could create a living off of it?

When I sold my first exclusive. It was so fast and easy and for $150, I knew all I really had to do was keep going.

Why the name Ignorvnce?

“I don’t really know what Ignorvnce means. I sort of just woke up one day and said Ignorvnce that’s it lol” “…but I do learn something about it everyday and that’s hard to explain it’s weird .. I guess it’ll all come together.”

How did you link up with Desiigner?

“I’m sorta kinda lit on YouTube lol So I’ve known that Desiigner was going to use one of my beats because everybody was telling me he had the “Desiigner type beat”. I made it in his snapchat since March, but nobody ever contacted me. I just waited then on June 1st, Desiigner’s manager emailed me about it. After that we set up a phone call in regards to him using the beat. Later that week, we ran into some complications with the sample and they were going to drop the song so I had no choice but to remake the beat from scratch. It actually came out pretty dope.”

Were you in-studio for the recording process?

Nah unfortunately I wasn’t. I hope I can soon though… He has a bunch of IGNORVNCE beats now.

Who else have you worked with?

The underachievers. Kenny turnup. Madeintyo

Do you have any collaborations coming up with any other artists?

Man I’ma stay silent but what I’ma say is ever since “Jet” dropped, some big names and labels been reaching out.. I really wanna work with Loso OD he’s one of my favorite artists.. One time for Brooklyn!

How does it feel to have your music on Tidal?

I feels unreal. I didn’t even have Tidal, I just made one today lol It’s crazy seeing my name up there though.

What was your reaction when you found out Pusha T was on the record? Who did you tell first?

I kind of spoke it into existence. I been saying I hope to have the track with someone from G.O.OD Music like Pusha T, 2 Chains or Kanye lol But I didn’t find out until it dropped. I started Desiigner dabbing and sh*t lmao

Any words of wisdom you’d like to tell up and coming producers?

I think producers should never sell their self short or be too nice, I learned that the hard way. There will always be people that’s not going to like you if you’re passionate about something, no matter how nice or humble you are. So just keep going and don’t let anyone discourage you about YOUR music. That’s why I f*ck with Desiigner, I know he gets a lot of hate but he still keeps a big smile on his face because people are going to talk regardless.


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