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    K. Michelle Claims Idris Elba Can Eat The Box Well!! Get That Butt Ate!!

    Idris Elba is the ultimate lady’s man!!

    Life is all about learning, growing, and living. All three of those things usually comes from our relationships with people.

    K. Michelle most recently gave a first hand account of some memories of hers from an ex. The ex in question is none other than the heart throbbing Idris Elba.

    Elba is one of the most sexually desired celebrities known on this side of the hemisphere. His natural sex appeal has often left women’s panties went from movie scenes, to award show appearances.

    It’s not being one of the most attractive men in the world of entertainment. So just imagine when K. Michelle openly talked about her 8 month relationship with the actor.

    Michelle stated that the 46 year old actor knows his way in regards to the world of business. She also stated that the actor was “very passionate” when speaking about his tongue game.

    Overall she stated that it’s good!!My man probably be putting it down with his accent!!

    Ladies tell us what you thing?/ Share your thoughts below!!



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